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Author Topic: Member Spotlight. Alfonso Frisk  (Read 1069 times)

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Member Spotlight. Alfonso Frisk
« on: August 23, 2009, 08:07:07 PM »
1.How long have you been interested in photography?
Nearly 3 years now. I had to choose a gift for 30yrs service. There was nothing I really needed in the catalogue they gave me so I decided to try my hand at photography and opted for a Nikon D50

2.Favourite subjects?
Mainly landscape, but I do like to have a go at industrial shots as well as shipping and seascapes

3.What's the most enjoyable part of photography for you?
I love the solitude. I work shifts so often go out with the cam after a night shift when most people are still sleeping. I love the peace and quiet of that time of day

4.What do you find most difficult about photography?
Post editting. I just don't have the patience (or will) to persevere learning it. I get bored after 5 Min's with any of the software

5.Did you start with film or have you only used digital?
6.What was your first camera?
A Nikon compact d3100 or something
7.What do you use currently?
Nikon D50 and D200
8.What's your dream photo location or subject?
Good question and one I have never really thought about. Would probably be aboard a working boat like a tug for a week capturing the events on board  9I know, Not very exotic )
9.Dream camera/lens combo?
None.  I ain't mastered the 2 cams I have now so why run before I can walk ?
10.Photographers you admire?
Don Tiffney.  Brilliant tog and a top bloke as well. Has always been most helpful to me since I started.
I also admire the guys who frequent the forums such as this one. There is rafts of talent out there doing their own thing in their chosen field
11.Would you like to be a pro photographer?
No thank you

12.How much processing/manipulating do you do?
As little as possible (see answer 4)

13.Any other thoughts on photography in general and what it means to you.
Its a hobby for me.
I'm my own worst critic
I'm amazed how many new marques of camera have been launched in the 3 yrs since I started out and how some people think that upgrading means better pictures
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