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Author Topic: Bin a while.......  (Read 1098 times)

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Bin a while.......
« on: November 10, 2014, 11:17:11 PM »
Hello to all again!!

So sorry it's been so long, but life has been very hectic in the Loveclose household this year.

Haven't really had a great deal of time to upload photos recently but it's been a very busy year.  I've done a couple of wedding videos which I burned to Blu Ray which went down very well.  Shot the hell out of my D200 abroad in Kefallonia - haven't posted those here as of yet cos they are really family pics, but if there are any creative ones, I'll upload later.

The best news I can give is my eldest who is now well into photography - bought herself two cameras this year - a Nikon D3200 kit plus a Tamron 70-300, and having borrowed my Samsung point-and-shoot, went and found herself an identical Samsung on e-bay.  The wonderful thing in Kefallonia was that at various locations we'd be discussing various ISO settings and other camera chat which is just great - taken 24yrs to get there, but we've finally made it!  Along with my two cams, daughter's two cams, and Mrs Loveclose's D60, it looked like the world's press had descended on Kefallonia!

I've just updated My D200 which I've had since 2008.  I noticed it was somewhat lagging behind compared to images that Mrs Loveclose daughter had taken on their cams - whilst not the top end cams, the sensors clearly were edging it alongside superior megapixel ratings.....So I've taken the plunge at long last and got myself a good deal at the Winchester Branch of London Camera Exchange and have come home with a D7100.  Went out very briefly for a few shots this afternoon - very familiar operation but definitely a difference noticed.

Whilst on the subject of upgrades, a big thank you to Tony for his input over the last week or so in response to my purchasing dilemmas!!!  Will get back to you soon pal....!!

I've uploaded a swan pic in tribute to our illustrious admin who I recall posted a fair few swan pics in the past.  Don't know if mine do justice, but there yer go - the opportunity presented itself!!

All good wishes to all!!

Peter (Loveclose)

The meek shall inherit the earth - if that's ok with everyone else.....

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Re: Bin a while.......
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2014, 12:05:45 AM »
Welcome back loveclose.  :tup:

I loved my D200 and it never let me down. Even in pouring rain it worked without problems and still gives good service when required. If the ISO had been better I might not have brought the D3.  ;)

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Re: Bin a while.......
« Reply #2 on: November 11, 2014, 08:05:41 AM »
Welcome back.

Wished my daughter would take up photography!

Beauty is bought by judgment of the eye.
Shakespeare. (Love's Labours Lost.)


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