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Author Topic: Entries for weekly competition - WINDOW SHOPPING - 30th March to 5th April  (Read 1345 times)

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Topic chosen by Northbeach

The subject for this weeks comp is ............ WINDOW SHOPPING

The main subject of your picture should be part of a window or a reflection in a window or something seen through a window.

Pictures to be taken between 00.01am Monday 30th march to 23.59pm Sunday 5th April
Pictures to be posted in the entries thread no later than 23.59pm Monday 6th march
Poll will be up Tuesday 7th April till 23.59pm Friday 10th April
Winner to be announced Saturday 11th April (winner should post his topic no later than 23.59 Sunday 12th April)

The Rules for the Cranium International weekly competition are...

By entering you agree to take responsibilty to
post a topic on the sunday following your declared win
create an entries thread
create a chat thread
create a poll for that weeks comp and declare the winner on the Saturday
(if for any reason there is a problem and no subject is posted by the winner by monday night admin will advise second place winner to post the topic asap, do the poll etc)

In case of a tie, the first entry posted wins.

photos to be taken during the specified dates, ie sunday xx to monday xx

pictures to be posted in the entries thread no later than 23.59 monday night

Poll to be created tuesday to run till friday, winner declared saturday

Editing limits to be specified by the person choosing the competition subject, if nothing is mentioned then there is no limit to editing allowed.

Montage images should only contain images taken within specified dates

Everyone is welcome and comments and critique on the entries are also welcome

Instructions for posting entries and creating the poll

Posting your entries.

As long as the pics are in the CC gallery, the easiest way to add these to the entry thread, is to copy the BBcode shown in the attached image.  To find this code, simply click a thumbnail, and below the intermediate pic you'll find the file info box.  It's at the bottom.  Paste this code straight into your entry post.  Done this way the pics will automatically link to the full size image when clicked.

Adding images to the poll.

Right click each pic in the entry thread, and copy the image address.  These can be added to each option box as build the poll, 

(Example) Code like this, entered into the option boxes.

Code: [Select]
Tringle WP - Haridresser [br] [img]http://cameracraniums.com/gallery/albums/userpics/normal_Hairdresser_IGP6607.jpg[/img]
Code: [Select]
Irv_b - Ahh! Tea Time [br] [img]http://cameracraniums.com/gallery/albums/userpics/normal_tea.jpg[/img]
Code: [Select]
Oldboy - Busker [br] [img]http://cameracraniums.com/gallery/albums/userpics/normal_DSC_4842.jpg[/img]
And so on. 

Note: These images won't be clickable, and are for voting purposes only.

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OK, I'll post first.  :tup:
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my go
My Gallery

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Brand New Shopping Mall

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I've been a bit preoccupied this week, what with one thing and another - finally got vista going again . . .

The Old Shop:

Not much in the way of reflections (OK none), but at least there are some curtains.
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Shop Window in Preston
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