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Author Topic: Road wise  (Read 772 times)

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Road wise
« on: January 11, 2012, 10:07:12 PM »
Road Wise

My friend bought a car, she was very excited
And paid the whole sum with a cheque
The sides they were dented, one door would not open
It wasn’t exactly Hi-Tech

My friend had only a provisional license
And so I sat in for correction
Ten yards from the house, two hubcaps flew off
And each in a different direction

We turned the corner and drove to the garage
The petrol gauge being quite low
When the car was topped up, she said with alarm
“My bag, it’s at home, oh no!”

I said to my friend “please do not panic,
We’ll pay for the bill with my money”
We pulled out of the garage, another ‘cap went
By now I thought this quite funny

We finally drove to the end of the road
When the last hubcap flew away
“Oh dear” said my friend “now they’re all gone
This really is not my day”

The lessons went on for several weeks
Then a new car was bought, no more fuss
My friend passed her test a month or so later
And I went back to using the bus

The new car was fine, it ran very smoothly
There were no problems at all
But one day she drove home and made a misjudgement
And parked her car on the wall

How she did this, we none of us know
But she did and then needed help
Her husband came out to look at the damage
And let out a mighty big yelp

On the whole my friend’s a good driver
Being taught by one of the best
She drives her car all over the town
But I take the bus for a rest
©Beryl Ladd
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