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Author Topic: Tyneham Village  (Read 3495 times)

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Tyneham Village
« on: May 11, 2010, 08:54:28 PM »

An abandoned house at Tyneham Village in Dorset, England. Fairly close to Corfe Castle (about 7 miles up a narrowish lane) It was requisitioned by the government in 1942 as part of the preparations for the D Day Landings, as most of the houses were tenanted they were only given the value of the produce in their gardens, they were told they would be allowed to return at the end of hostilities but the govt. never kept their word. Now all of the cottages are like this one, however the school house has been restored and is as though the children had left that morning. The church is still in use, and some of the farm buildings are being restored....there are no facilities here at all except toilets, and no shops nearby so if you plan a visit, eat a breakfast or plan for lunch at Corfe Castle...or take a picnic....check opening hours online as it is sometimes closed due to Army activity in the area but is open weekends and bank holidays...and unless it is about 70 degrees take a jumper/fleece/windproof jacket as the wind howls round here....A hidden gem in the middle of a firing range some great photo opportunities and well worth a visit...we will be going back in a couple of years to see how the restorations have gone and how much hold mother nature has got. Bluebells were everywhere as well but just couldn't get any decent shots of them....
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