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Mandarin duck30 views4 commentsBeryl02/17/10 at 13:48Nemesis: As ever, the female remains unimpressed Rolling Eyes
IMG_6384 EOS-1D Mark III copy.jpg
Cheetah44 views7 commentsanglefire02/10/10 at 17:43Nemesis: Echo Jonathan's thoughts, Pepo always has such...
circumzenithal arc54 views12 commentsBeryl02/02/10 at 06:01Nemesis: Hi Beryl - this is a parhelia (sun dog), the refra...
circumzenithal arc54 views12 commentsBeryl02/02/10 at 03:41Nemesis: Nice image - isn't this a 270 deg parhelia? O...
Rhaps76 views5 commentsSarasocke01/31/10 at 16:21Nemesis: The ancestry of canis lupus Wink
Rhaps76 views5 commentsSarasocke01/31/10 at 07:23Nemesis: Lovely image - you can see its ancestry in the eye...
The Motley Crew...85 views7 commentsminky_monkey01/25/10 at 14:36Nemesis: Tourists if ever I saw 'em - G W Bush Wink
Bearly Lit again..16 views2 commentsminky_monkey01/17/10 at 16:01Nemesis: Nice image, and a very different view of those gir...
Redwing36 views4 commentsBeryl01/10/10 at 07:07Nemesis: Nice Smile Been so few of them about in this part o...
Blondie in the Paddock.jpg
Blondie in the paddck62 views3 commentsbevhadland01/09/10 at 11:08Nemesis: Lovely portrait and nice light Smile
earlywinter-23-Edit copy.jpg
winter colour32 views3 commentsspinner12/31/09 at 09:56Nemesis: Wonderful birds to have around the garden Smile
my old box camera.jpg
My old box camera263 views2 commentsSimonW12/29/09 at 13:29Nemesis: Yep, brings back memories , though careful you don...
Cloud colour Phenomena .jpg
Clouds 74 views8 commentsBeryl12/01/09 at 14:09Nemesis: We had a full halo and parhelia around lunchtime, ...
Basil73 views5 commentsSarasocke10/22/09 at 13:02Nemesis: Wondeful litte fella Smile
Heidi, an ex-rescue Alsation.37 views4 commentsSimple10/12/09 at 13:37Nemesis: Wonderful - give her a nuzzle and lick from me Smile
Lynton to Lynmouth54 views5 commentsSteve909110/02/09 at 02:19Nemesis: Great shot - my vertigo prevented me from trying t...
Lynmouth Harbour88 views5 commentsSteve909110/02/09 at 02:18Nemesis: Lovely image - the tide is always out when I go th...
42 views4 commentsGraham10/01/09 at 13:30Nemesis: Simple, but very effective Smile
Weymouth Beach.jpg
Weymouth Beach177 views5 comments09/18/09 at 09:50Nemesis: Works well - curious how little really appears to ...
Notice56 views5 commentsBeryl09/13/09 at 15:11Nemesis: I'm tempted to ask how high was the bin... :...
Porthcurno, Cornwall53 views9 commentsBabs09/13/09 at 13:40Nemesis: Lovely image Smile
Blue tit - Cyanistes caeruleus73 views3 commentsBeryl09/13/09 at 04:12Nemesis: Lovely image Very Happy
Robin - Erithacus rubecula381 views15 commentsBeryl09/13/09 at 04:11Nemesis: Lovely capture - I think he's taking a bow :-...
Casper_PSG7_20090831 013.jpg
Casper enjoying the sun32 views3 commentsNemesis08/31/09 at 13:51Nemesis: Thanks. Yes, his thigh is pinned, and he also ext...
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