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The Boys52 views3 commentsMarkulous05/19/15 at 01:20Markulous: Many thanks Smile
Mila in the Wild Garlic47 views4 commentsMarkulous05/19/15 at 01:20Markulous: Cheers
Racing on the Dam52 views3 commentsMarkulous05/19/15 at 01:18Markulous: Many thanks
Siblings82 views2 commentsMarkulous09/26/11 at 13:05Markulous: Many thanks! Smile
The Three Amigos61 views2 commentsMarkulous09/26/11 at 13:05Markulous: Cheers! Took the usual ages to get them to settle ...
The Fly42 views2 commentsMarkulous09/26/11 at 04:17Markulous: Cheers! :tup:
7 Trees55 views4 commentsMarkulous09/26/11 at 04:16Markulous: Many thanks1 Smile
7 Trees55 views4 commentsMarkulous09/26/11 at 01:26Markulous: Cheers! :tup:
Dragonfly??62 views5 commentsmondmagu07/08/11 at 12:26Markulous: It's either a Banded or a Beautiful Demoisell...
Moth45 views3 commentsMarkulous07/01/11 at 03:09Markulous: Many thanks! :tup:
Burnet Moth59 views2 commentsMarkulous07/01/11 at 03:08Markulous: cheers! Deliberately went for the shallow DOF - to...
Common Copper41 views5 commentsBeaux Reflets07/01/11 at 03:06Markulous: A nice classic shot - but did you use flash?
4-legged Deer Muncher30 views2 commentsMarkulous06/05/11 at 05:00Markulous: Wrangling into a suitable pose is generally worth ...
Fallow Deer119 views5 commentsMarkulous06/05/11 at 04:58Markulous: Many thanks!
Tufted Duck43 views2 commentsMarkulous06/05/11 at 04:58Markulous: Cheers! Did you get the shot though?
Little Grebe/Dabchick42 views2 commentsMarkulous06/05/11 at 04:57Markulous: Many thanks! Smile
Lunch70 views3 commentsMarkulous06/05/11 at 04:57Markulous: Cheers, OB! :tup:
Common Spotted Orchid66 views6 commentsMarkulous06/05/11 at 04:57Markulous: Thanks, OB! Yeah, I'm usually on top of their...
Common Spotted Orchid66 views6 commentsMarkulous06/04/11 at 02:23Markulous: Yeah, plenty of Little Grebes (as usual) but no Wa...
Common Spotted Orchid66 views6 commentsMarkulous06/03/11 at 23:29Markulous: Cheers, Graham! Yeah, Cromford Canal's not th...
Fallow Deer119 views5 commentsMarkulous06/03/11 at 14:13Markulous: Many thanks - and for the suggested crop but I lik...
Mayfly85 views11 commentsMarkulous05/30/11 at 11:42Markulous: Cheers!
Mayfly85 views11 commentsMarkulous05/30/11 at 03:00Markulous: Many thanks! :tup: Yup, that extra DOF! Wink
May Well-Dressing91 views5 commentsMarkulous05/30/11 at 02:59Markulous: Thanks! Very Happy
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