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Author Topic: Why do people not listen / read something properly before replying?  (Read 913 times)

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It`s a facebook thing but I knew that would put you off if I put it in the title? So many times on facebook people reply / like something when they clearly have not read / watched the full content. Today I tried out a new 35 f2 Fuji lens I`d got to see if I wanted to keep it. each time I switched on the camera with it in place it chattered loudly to me, seeming to hunt for focus even as a fixed lens until I half depressed the shutter and it went until returning after the shot was taken.Having googled the issue I found it was an oft made complaint about this and other lenses by some. Suggestions ranged from turning off the lcd screen, the histogram alert to " just live with it" along with the usual have you got it in continuous shooting mode, what autofocus settings etc. So I went onto the Fuji Love Facebook group stating it was in single shot mode ,single spot focus with all firmware up to date for lens and camera and awaited responses from this group where Fuji have been elevated to God like status.
First two responses? What shooting mode are you  in  and is your firmware up to date. I am sure that if the third guy hadn`t come up with the actual answer which was that there is a pre-focus button  buried in the menu that you can switch off which means a nano second delay in focusing and better battery life  they would have continued! Why do people feel the need to speak / answer without reading the full story first? I am sure in this day of fake news / anyone can say anything mode people are getting worse! I went back to one of the google searches and read the whole thread where a guy accepted after 3 pages of useless "fixes" that it was something he just had to live with but seemed poor from Fuji! If I could have been bothered to register for the site it was on to reply and it had not been from 2012/13 I might have put him out of his misery but  guess he has moved on  ;)

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Re: Why do people not listen / read something properly before replying?
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2017, 12:49:15 PM »
Have you checked the mode you are in.  :legit:
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Re: Why do people not listen / read something properly before replying?
« Reply #2 on: February 13, 2017, 07:22:05 PM »
It's not just a Facebook thing as it occurs in other situations as well. For example, at the valley were car-park charges were introduced it states quite clearly that Summer time charges occur during British summer time, which happens when we Spring forward in late March and Fall back during late October. This means in the Winter period you only need to pay upto to 15:00 hours, whilst in Summer time you pay upto 18:00 hours and it's free after those times. The number of people who read the sign and then pay after 15:00 hours in the Winter is amazing! Others will ask when the Summer time charges start or end and that question was asked around Christmas.  :uglystupid2:


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