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Author Topic: Chat for International Weekly Competition- FREEDOM- 16th March till 22nd March  (Read 3671 times)

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Oldboy, nice idea, perhaps the fence was a bit thick for the prupose, but as allways executed perfectly as you wanted it.

oRGie...   :beer:
Thanks for the comments oRGie and yes, it was a bit thicker than I remembered. It's just been put up around a golf course, so I was restricted by power lines that run down the side, and using a tree to hid the hole flag.  ;D

Just given my vote to bones615, as it's such a simple idea and well composed.  :tup:
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Thanks for the comment oRGie  to be honest my pic was my backup idea as I couldn't get the first one to work, so it was a little boring. The thing that attracted me to take it, was that the lady had her foot soaking in the bowl! Northbeach got my vote really epitomises the word freedom  :tup:
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Mines in for this week too, it's not what I had in mind but still quite pleased with it anyway.

Good to see a couple of new people enter as well  :tup:

Did you change your entry Northbeach from 'Freedom of Serenity' to 'Free as a Bird'?


Just saw this Steve.  No, I didn't change it.   I simply posted an image to the regular gallery named '
Freedom of Serenity".    Check out the entry thread - it's  not posted there. 
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Congratulations Northbeach  :tup:  :beer:


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