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Author Topic: Canon - new compacts  (Read 1308 times)

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Canon - new compacts
« on: August 27, 2010, 10:46:17 PM »
While we're chatting about new Canon Cameras, would anyone like to advise regarding the two new Canon compacts: Powershot S95 and Ixus 1000hs. (Both appear to be relatively minor updates, for Powershot S90 and Ixus 300hs.)

They are very similar in size, price etc. Powershot has full manual and RAW, which Ixus doesn't (unless maybe you fiddle with exposure compensation in TV or AV modes) and there are many other "small print" plusses and minuses for either.

I'm interested because I might just replace my nearly 8 year old Ixus 400. But then, I might not, as it's an old friend. It's normally used as a point and shoot at social things and where the DSLR is too intrusive or heavy/bulky to carry, so the replacement might not need RAW or full manual.


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