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Title: STREET-ENTRIES-Weekly Comp 1/8-9/8/2020
Post by: Hinfrance on August 01, 2020, 04:09:00 PM

This is the ENTRIES thread

The CHAT thread is HERE (

Hoping this one is one that everyone can have a go at with their phone ('cos no-one seems to care about people using phones) or your camera. Anything STREET, assuming Bojo the Clown let's any of you out this week  :D

Interpret and edit how you wish, no holds barred on the PP.

Pictures to be taken preferably between now and Sunday 9th August 2020, or if you do not have time something from your archives that fits the brief.
Pictures to be posted in the entries thread no later than 23:59 Monday 10th August 2020.
Poll will be up Tuesday 11th August 2020.

Winner to be announced Saturday 15th August 2020.

The Rules for the weekly competition are...

By entering you agree to take responsibility to;

Post a topic on the Sunday (or sooner) following your declared win
Create an entries thread
Create a chat thread
Create a poll for that weeks comp and declare the winner on the Saturday
(if for any reason there is a problem and no subject is posted by the winner by Monday night admin will advise second place winner to post the topic asap, do the poll etc)

In case of a tie, the first entry posted wins