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Title: Please Read. How IOTW works.
Post by: Mick on December 30, 2012, 06:16:22 PM
How IOTW works.

1. The next IOTW is chosen by the current winner of IOTW notifying Beaux Reflets or another Global Moderator (if Beaux Reflets is not available) by sending their choice in selection ( * preferably quoting the Gallery page address of the chosen image) via a PM or email; who in turn will update the IOTW image and Announcement thread.

2. Keeping to the spirit of the site, the choice for IOTW should ideally be selected from the images uploaded to the Camera Craniums Gallery during the current week; or at least selected from images uploaded to the gallery within the last four weeks from the current date.

3. Again in similar good spirit, the choice for IOTW should exclude any image that has been entered into a current Competition on the site.
4. In the event of the current winner being or feeling unable to nominate their choice (as detailed above or due to their absence) the next IOTW will be selected by one of the Global Moderators and the IOTW updated and announced accordingly.

5. Nomination from the current winner must be received by midnight Sunday and IOTW will be updated on the following Monday.

* How to find the correct image address.

Find the image you want to nominate for Image of the week.  Scroll down below the image, (See Screen shot below) and right near to the bottom of the file info in the left column you will see the word URL: with a address next to it.  Copy and send that address as your nomination. Also include the image title, and the name of the member who uploaded it. 


Title: Re: Please Read. How IOTW works.
Post by: Reinardina on December 30, 2012, 07:00:59 PM
Message understood.

Didn't know about rule two, so, when I had the privilege of nominating the next IOTW, I went for a much older shot. Won't happen again though.

However ... there are beauties lurking in the 'archives' that never see the light of day. Maybe we could have a 'look what I found' sort of thread, where people can place older, almost forgotten images? (By other CC members, not their own shots.)
Just an idea.

Last but not least, I want to wish all CC members and their families a happy and healthy New Year!
Title: Re: Please Read. How IOTW works.
Post by: SimonW on September 11, 2018, 08:37:21 AM
Wow H, what a lovely surprise to see my "Going to the Dogs", which was just a lucky snapshot at our local Scrufts (yes, correct spelling - it raises funds for the abandoned dogs charity) dog show, chosen as IOTW. Thank you.