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Title: The Earth Was Green
Post by: Beryl on January 13, 2012, 02:10:36 AM
The Earth Was Green

As the wind blows the sky grows dark
It’s very quiet, oh listen and hark
It’s turned very cold
I suddenly feel old
The silence is deafening the land is stark

The nuclear testing has ruined the scene
I liked it when the earth was green
The sun was our light
And the stars were so bright
Every thing’s burnt and can barely be seen

Beauty disappears and the eye grows sore
With the dumping of toxic waste, for sure
Depleting the ozone
With chemicals unknown
When will people stop and realise the score?

For animals I hang my head in sorrow
Alas some won’t be with us tomorrow
They’ll become extinct
Because some folk don’t think
We must act soon for time is on borrow
©Beryl Ladd