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Title: Stretched And Bobbly
Post by: Mick on January 11, 2012, 09:43:54 PM
He's dirty and grimy,
His pants are all slimy,
His eyes are blue
And his cheeks are shiny.

He'll never be seen,
With teeth that are clean
And won't use a
Spoon when eating fresh cream.

He's so slow on his feet
And eats lots of raw meat,
In a bike race
He'd be easy to beat.

His tummy is wobbly,
His knees are knobbly,
All his clothes smell
And are stretched and bobbly.

He wears extra tight jeans
When he's swimming in streams
And has strange dreams
About rooms with low beams. 

On his own in his flat
He wears a big hat,
And won't go out
With his friends for a chat.

His best friend's called Murtle
Who is a stuffed turtle,
When he gets bored
Through the air she will hurtle.

He is going out soon
To meet his girl friend June
She laughs a lot
And looks like a baboon.